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  • The Blue Zoneis a leading fixed wireless deployer in the US with a strategic interest in the MENA region, where it has already established a presence under the name The Blue Zone™ East Jordan. The Blue Zone™’s approach of standards-based solutions has unmatched flexibility, upgradeability and functionality

  • Implementing cost-effective carrier-grade converged wireless solutions, makes The Blue Zone™ one of the most dynamic innovators in the market today. The Blue Zone™ East Jordan solution currently supports 5GHz configurations with support for all up-coming WiMAX deployments

  • In June 2008, the company won a FBWA license, placing The Blue Zone™ East Jordan at the forefront of exciting opportunities inside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. We are proud to announce that currently our WiMAX coverage and microwave network spans three of Jordan’s largest population centers namely Amman, Irbed and Zarqa.

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