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Mission :

  • We are driven by a desire to provide Jordanian users with a world class internet experience through cutting edge WiMAX technology. Our goal to stay one step ahead of the competition is matched only by our commitment to quality customer service and efficient delivery. The Blue Zone™ East Jordan also aims to empower Jordanian businesses with the technological infrastructure necessary to stay ahead of regional competitors.

Vision :

  • The Blue Zone™ East Jordan believes that despite recent leaps in Jordan’s internet penetration, the introduction of WiMAX technology will cause even more dramatic growth and stronger connectivity for users. Better mediums of connectivity and increased customer satisfaction promise to add an edge to the Jordanian economy, which has been viewed as a model for dynamic regional growth. The Blue Zone™ East Jordan will build upon this base of operations and expand into the MENA region, with a long term goal of becoming a global player in this sector.