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Dedicated Internet Services


Dedicated Internet service is a point-to-point digital data service with speeds of 1Mbps and higher directly connected to the Internet. Blue Zone East Jordan provides various options for monitoring, diagnostic capabilities, and transmission privacy. Dedicated Internet service is designed to transmit data in a digital format between the end user and the Internet; therefore, the signal quality is high, very reliable, and secure. This dedicated service can be used to support private network connectivity, web hosting, email applications, and/or virtual private networks.


Who should use this service?

  • Medium to large enterprises


What are The Benefits of Dedicated Internet?

  • Reliable time proven technology

  • Control over network resources

  • Highly secure

  • Flexibility in using network resources


Why use Dedicated Internet?

  • Symmetric upload/download speeds

  • More users

  • Reliable Internet access is critical to your company success

  • Mission critical applications must be transmitted reliably to the Internet

  • Frequent large file transfer via email and the web


What are some of the Applications?

  • Web hosting

  • Email Hosting

  • Virtual Private Network

  • Streaming media