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MPLS Data Services


  • A key trend in the connectivity space over the last years was the escalation of Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) based VPN. With the evolution of multi-protocol label switching, virtual private networks are poised to herald a radical shift in the world of network computing. MPLS VPN became a preferred choice over frame relay or ATM. Another trend over the last years was that most enterprises focused on creating highly robust and redundant networks, where MPLS VPN emerged as a trusted WAN connectivity option.

  • MPLS VPN is a technology that allows Blue Zone East Jordan to have complete control over parameters that are critical to offering its customers service guarantees with regard to bandwidth throughputs, latencies and availability. The technology enables secure Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to be built and allows scalability that will make it possible for Blue Zone East Jordan to offer assured growth to its customers without having to make significant investments.

  • MPLS based VPNs reduce customer networking complexity and costs. Rather than setting up and managing individual point-to-point circuits between each office using pair of Leased Lines, MPLS VPN customers need to provide only one connection from their office router to Blue Zone East Jordan edge router.

advantages of WiMAX:

  • Provide a diversified range of services (Layer 3, Layer 2 and VPLS) to meet the requirements customers from small of the entire spectrum of and medium to large business enterprises and financial institutions

  • Make the service very simple for customers to use even if they lack experience in IP routing

  • Make the service very scalable and flexible to facilitate large-scale deployment

  • Provide a reliable and amenable service, offering SLA to customers

  • Provide layer 2 equivalent security; traffic is fully segmented and customers can only view sites within their network

  • Capability of providing symmetric channel - the upload speed is equal to the download speed

  • Capable of meeting a wide range of customer requirements, including security, quality of Service (QOS) and any-to- any connectivity

  • Capable of offering fully managed services to customers