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L3, L2 and VPLS:



  • Blue Zone’s routers participate in customers layer 3 routing

  • Blue Zone’s routers manage VPN-specific routing tables, distribute routes to remote sites

  • Customer routers advertise their routes to the Blue Zone

  • The available routing protocols used between The Blue Zone network and the customer are: Static, RIP, ISIS, OSPF, BGP



  • Customer maps its layer 3 routing to the circuit mesh

  • Blue Zone delivers layer 2 circuits to the customer, one for each remote site

  • Customer routes are transparent to Blue Zone



  • The Blue Zone’s network appears to function as a single LAN segment ( Acts similarly as a learning bridge) to the customer in a VPLS environment

  • The customer simply configures its core facing interfaces as if they were connected to a single learning bridge

  • No requirement for one logical connection per remote customer site

  • Customer routes are transparent to Blue Zone